Miami Fish Species

Common Questions:

What kinda fish are in Miami?

Miami's waters boast a variety of fish species, including sailfish, mahi-mahi, snapper, grouper, sharks, and wahoo. Twysted Lyfe Charters Miami Beach, LLC, offers the perfect opportunity to target these prized catches. With experienced captains and well-equipped charters, your offshore and deep-sea fishing adventures become memorable experiences. Join Twysted Lyfe Charters to explore the rich marine life of Miami and make your fishing trip truly rewarding.

What fish are biting in Miami?

In Miami, an exciting variety of fish, including sailfish, mahi-mahi, snapper, grouper, tarpon, and tuna, are currently biting. Maximize your fishing adventure by choosing Twysted Lyfe Charters Miami Beach, LLC, renowned for experienced captains and well-equipped charters.

Are there swordfish in Miami?

Yes, swordfish are found in the waters around Miami. For enthusiasts seeking the thrill of swordfishing, Twysted Lyfe Charters Miami Beach, LLC, offers specialized swordfishing trips. With experienced captains and well-equipped charters, they provide the ideal opportunity to target and reel in these majestic and challenging game fish.

A Twysted Lyfe Charters Fishing Charter targets the top Miami Fish species including Atlantic Sailfish (Also Called ), Black Grouper (Also Called Black Rockfish, Marbled Rockfish ), Bluefin Tuna (Also Called Atlantic Bluefin Tuna), Bull Shark (Also Called Cub Shark, Ground Shark, Shark ), Cobia (Also Called Black Salmon, Crab Eater, Lemon Fish, Sergeant Fish ), Mahi Mahi or Common Dolphinfish (Also Called Dolphinfish, Common Dolphin, Mahi-Mahi, Dorado, Dourade ), Gag Grouper (Also Called Charcoal Belly, Velvet Rockfish, Grouper ), Greater Amberjack (Also Called Great Amberfish, Jenny Lind, Rock Salmon, Doronado, Madregal, Amberjack), King Mackerel (Also Called Kingfish, Spanish Mackerel ), Lesser Amberjack (Also Called False Amberjack, Little Amberjack, Amberjack ), Swordfish (Also Called Broadbill, Broadbill Swordfish, Swords), Wahoo Fish (Also Called Ono, Ono Malani, Hoo, Pacific Kingfish, Malata kingfish, Queen fish, Paala, Paere, Peto, Sierra, Solandra, Serra-da India, Kamasu-Sawara, Acantocibio, Cavala de India, Keskas, Kin Fis, Mersad, Kinkfish, Peto, Guarapucu, Thazard batard), Great Northern Tilefish (Also Called Golden Tilefish ). We primarily Fish the Atlantic Ocean, Biscayne Bay.